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How to Use Scented Candles


How to Use Scented Candles


Can you easily digest if I say everything you thought about burning scented candles is wrong? Wee! Did you know there is specifically a best and right way to light your scented candles so that you get your perfect time on the go?

Not only this, but the right way of burning your scented candles can save your money from buying more and more candles time and ago.


For the purpose of using your scented candles up to its optimum utility, we have created this blog in which you will read about the tips on how to use scented candles and how you can enhance their fragrances.


1. More Candles In One Room


Generally, the proportion to follow is one 8-oz scented candle for every 10 square feet of room, and if your room is more significant than that, you may require 2-3 candles accordingly.


To make your space smell amazing, make sure you get enough candles to bloom up your mood.


2. Always Use Various Scents in Multiple Rooms


Smelling the same fragrance of scent for more than 15 minutes, your sense of smell becomes more sensitive. Thus, you cannot feel the same fragrance again for some time, you have experienced the same while selecting perfumes for your self at a store and the salesman runs and grab some roasted coffee bean to wake your olfactory system up! Similar is the case with scented candles.


You will go ‘’nose blind’’ after 15 minutes of the same scent due to which you end up buying more candles and still feel no difference, but for someone stepping in from outside, the room will be overwhelming.


For the scents to stand out more, use a changed smelling candle in multiple areas of your home, so your nose can be stimulated again when you walk from room to room.


3. Put Candles Far Away From Air Vents To Take Full Advantage Of Their Scent


Always pay thoughtfulness to where you should place your scented candle in the room. If you are locating it nearby a window that gets to open quite often, under a ceiling fan or an air vent, all those things can affect how strong the candle smells because of the moving air.

Moving air can interrupt the flame, leading to even more unattractive black marks on the glass.


4. Pick The Right Candle Scent For Your Goal


Always choose citrus candles if you want to feel refreshed and energized; such citrus scents include orange, neroli, or bergamot, or if you are going to make a peaceful atmosphere where your mind and body can relax, go for Lavender or chamomile.


It is crucial to choose and pick the right candle for the mood goal you want to achieve at your home, office, or any place of your choice.


5. Use Essential Oil-Based Fragrance


If you are worried that your home’s inside atmosphere will affect if you use scented candles, so it is not the case if you will use essential oil-based fragrances.


Essential oil keeps the room’s air free from toxins, and also these are less irritating to the people with allergies.


6. Select The Right Candle Scent For The Right Room

Different areas of the house must smell differently to generate different vibes. Got to get you confused, following are some of the breakdowns according to where what should you place.



Well, the kitchen does not always require scents because of the real food smell, so pleasant!

But if you have not made a lot of chocolate chip cookies lately in your kitchen and it is quite bland currently, then try a similar food scent.

Or you can also try vanilla and apple pie, lemony candles for during the day, when a refreshing scent is wanted, and then maybe vanilla or cinnamon later in the evening when you want a cozier sensation.


Living room:

Usually, this is the place in your house where everyone gathers, and it is essential to give your guests and even family members a sense of warmth.

So make sure you pick warm scents for your living room similar to sandalwood, to make you think of a hissing and fizzing fireplace, facilitating you to relax and guests feel comfy.



Your bedroom is a place for relaxation at the end of the day where you come after a hassle day and want to have some me time and relax.

You can help yourself by picking smells like Lavender to help you fall asleep quicker and wake you up more refreshed and relaxed.



The bathroom is your wild card, so choose a scented candle that you love the most.


7. Keep The Wick Trimmed

Always try to keep your candle’s wick trimmed. You must cut the cord after every 4 hours of continuous burn. When trimming the wick, forever extinguish the flame, let the candle cool down to room temperature, and cut the candle’s wick to 1/8 of an inch before burning it again.


8. Use Multi Trimmed Candles

The bigger the candle is, the longer the burn time. Yeah! That is true, .and it is also true that the candles with more wicks take less time to burn and burns slower.

Three cords help prolong the life of a candle because it benefits from eluding tunneling. This way, you are using every bit of wax in your jar while it melts.


9. Always Remember Safety When You’re Burning Candles.

You should always light up your candles on a heat resilient surface and always remember to keep it out of the light wind and, on no occasion, leave it unattended while lit, particularly if you own cats. Exclusively long-haired cats. Believe me, folks!


10. Keep Your Candles Dust Free

To dust your candles, always use your old, torn nylon stockings! They get all of the dust and do not leave a residue behind on the glass.


11. Light Your Candle Once Every 24 Hours

We understand that you want your space to smell good all the time, but it recommended that you burn your scented candles one in every 24 hours.


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