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The perfect candle for every F.R.I.E.N.D.S character

The perfect candle for every F.R.I.E.N.D.S character

The perfect candle for every F.R.I.E.N.D.S character

We couldn’t have asked for a better Friends Union. It had everything — memories from the past, laughter moments, celebrity appearances, and that iconic fountain. And because a lot of us are craving for more, we thought of choosing a perfect candle for every character from this iconic show.

Sun and Sand Candle: Coz Joey doesn’t share food

Joey loves sandwiches. And everything else that can be served on the plate. This is why we have chosen Sun and Sand Medium Jar Candles for him. It’s the embodiment of sweet flavors, but with zero calories. Channel your inner Joey and get one for yourself.

Cedarwood Medium Jar Candle: For a nature-loving Phoebe

Phoebe — the most eccentric character on the show — loves music (and her friends). What else she loves is animals, plants, and everything natural. Her hatred for Pottery Barn and veganism are a few examples. The sweet, woody, and camphoraceous aroma of the Cedarwood candle make it ideal for someone like her. By the way, the candle is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Apple & Clover Candle: Perfect for Rachel

For a trendsetter like Rachel, the option has to be extraordinary. The vibrant aroma of fresh clover and crisp apple resonates with her fashion sense and quirky humor. From playing football to learning to cook, Rachel tries a lot of new things. Again, her strong character matches the Apple & Clover candle.

Bubble Gum Medium Candle: You need loads of energy to clean like Monica

Perhaps she invented the phrase “Deep Cleaning.” We often wonder where she gets all that energy to turn her apartment spotless. And, we have chosen a bubble gum medium candle — the blend of aromas that prepares you for a cleaning spree.

Pumpkin Medium Jar Candle: For a sarcastic yet mature Chandler

Think of Chandler, and a lot of jokes will pop up in your mind. But, he is as mature and sensitive as he is funny. The last seasons of Friends prove that. This is why we have chosen Pumpkin Medium Jar Candle. It has multiple notes of fragrance that resemble the complex character of the sarcasm king. Could there BE a better candle for him?

Ocean Breeze Gold Travel Tin: Coz of Ross’ speech at Barbados

Thanks to Ross, we got a dash of Caribbean life in Friends. A lot of events happened in Barbados during his palaeontology convention. And for that reason, we want to give him Ocean Breeze Gold Travel Tin.

What if you had to give to a character of this sitcom? Who would you give it to?

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