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Why people trim wicks of their scented candles

Why people trim wicks of their scented candles

A couple of beers. A weekend getaway with your bae. Or, a Netflix binge-fest. You can have plenty of options to make your weekend thrilling.

What about weekdays? When your mind is partially stuck in your work and rest in the daily chores.

You can resort to scented candles. People buy jar candles online to get a weekend-like feeling daily.

 To get the most out of your candles, you need to know minor tricks.

We are here to share the most important one: trimming the wicks of your scented candles.

Let’s understand the mystery behind it.

The candles offer better illumination with trim wicks. If you have noticed a dull appearance, it is due to an untrimmed wick. Test it yourself with two same candles. One with a trimmed wick and the other without any change. You will be surprised to see brighter and clearer burns with the former. It doesn’t matter whether you buy sensual amber or a regular candle. This applies to each type.

Many users ask us how to make the candles last longer. Buying soy candles online is something we recommend. We have already talked about it a lot on our website.

Another hack to increase the life of a candle is…Yes, you have probably guessed it…shortening the wick. The longer wicks that come with a fresh candle burn quickly — meaning they use up the wax faster. The shorter the wick, the longer it will take to finish the candle.

Tell your friends, too, if you are giving them Lavender Lilac Candles or something similar. If you notice a friend of yours is already using a scented candle, sharing this trick never harms you.

Now that we touched on the topic of WHY behind trimming, it’s time to discuss WHEN.

Before each use, you should trim your candles. Trim the wicks to about ¼ inch. Though wick trimmers are available online, you can use your pair of scissors for this task. Get the best results by trimming your wicks at room temperature.

` For more such tricks and the latest updates, keep checking our blog section. To buy jar candles online, visit this link:

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